"I have had the honour and pleasure of working with Ken. His enthusiastic, outgoing, open style fills the room with energy providing an ideal climate within which to learn. Ken takes the time with each student who poses a question, or asks for clarification, on a particular point or technique whether it’s casting to feeding fish or furling Antron. It is easy to see that Ken loves to translate his knowledge, passion and love for fly fishing and tying to his students so they can receive the same level of enjoyment he does. Ken’s style is infectious, if you have the chance to catch one of his seminars, presentations or participate in a hosted trip. Do it, you won’t be disappointed!"

Phillip Rowley

Owner of Fly Craft Angling, Educator, Writer

"Ken Hanley makes fly fishing and learning fun! He has decades of useful knowledge to share and does so in an engaging, insightful, and energetic way.

His work over the years as a Sage Rod Company school instructor and as a celebrity show presenter has served to introduce many new people to the skills, strategies, opportunities, and joys of fly-fishing."

Jamie Lyle


"What I can say without stretching the truth is that it’s rare to encounter anyone in fly fishing with your dedication to exploring fly fishing’s real – as opposed to ideal – possibilities, or anyone who brings such infectious enthusiasm to the sport. It’s great to dream about expensive bucket-list fishing, but what sustains most of us is are the trips and the fisheries within half a day of home, adventures we can take without expensive airline tickets or fancy lodges. Your work explores and explains those fisheries in ways that make them even more accessible. That’s a notable achievement."

Larry Kenney

Founder of Scott Fly Rod Company, Editor, Media Consultant

"I've been educated for over 20 years attending Ken's entertaining seminars, lectures and schools. He has a gift to deliver excellent information and facts that only someone with his extensive angling background could provide. He has been a mentor for me over many, many years and I look forward to continue to learn from him. Ken is a true asset to the fly fishing industry."

Jeff Putnam

Owner of JP’s Fly Fishing Schools, Educator, Guide

""Good" teachers know their material, and how to explain it to their students. “Great” teachers also know how to motivate their students to do bigger and better things with what they’ve learned. I’ve known Ken Hanley for over 15 years, and can honestly say that he is a great teacher! Personable, well versed in his topics, and perhaps most importantly, in tune with his students on a personal level, he understands what makes them tick, what gets them going, and how to communicate at a one-on-one level. Plus he’s a great guy to hang out with! I always look forward to seeing Ken, or attending one of his classes or seminars."

John Loo

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Beyond The Breakwater.com, and Ocean Skiff Journal.com

"Ken Hanley has done it again - and beat himself at it: made a book about the less traditional fly fishing in the salt. Compared to his previous Fly Fishing Afoot in the Surf Zone, this book has a lot more volume and a lot more content. Built along the same lines: instructive, insightful and well written, the new title manages to get around more types of fly fishing for traditional as well as almost unknown species. Hanley speaks with experience and knowledge on these matters…"

Martin Joergensen

Founder & Co-Owner of Global Flyfisher.com

""The Ken Hanley Experience" is where Google meets Robin Williams. Encyclopedic knowledge provided with unbridled passion. A few hours with Ken will last you a lifetime."

Robert Ketley

Writer, Water Quality Specialist

"Yet another great show. I didn't realize how exciting the estuary systems could be! Ken is a wonderful teacher and fisherman, with a great sense of humor…"

Mark Mathews

Comment about Ken’s presentation on Ask About Fly Fishing.com (podcast)

"Great show! Ken was lively, entertaining, and absolutely full of information. I'm not a salt water guy, but listening to him made me want to be!"

Rick Pasley

Comment about Ken’s presentation on Ask About Fly Fishing.com (podcast)